Annual Cost of Education formula chart


The educational costs below are what a student can expect when attending College of the Ozarks. The financial aid office also provides scholarship information which may assist with some of these costs.

Tuition Assurance

  1. Full time students
  2. Part-time students (per credit hour chart)

Acceptance Fee

There is an acceptance fee of $345 due after admission is offered. This fee covers the Health/Technology/Service fee $245 for the first semester, and the residence hall security deposit ($100).

Room and Board

Room and Board for 2022-23 is $4,100 per semester ($8,200 annually).

The options for payment of room and board are:

  1. Use earnings from the Summer Work Education Program
  2. Pay in full with personal resources of the student/family
  3. Enter a Payment Schedule with the Cash Accounts Office
  4. Use a scholarship awarded by the College or outside entity/organization

Health / Technology / Service Fee (HTS Fee)

This fee is $245 each semester and is due each semester when registering for classes for the upcoming semester. The HTS fee covers:

  • the cost of the initial ID card
  • admission to regular season home athletic events
  • cultural events
  • campus newspaper and yearbook
  • student accident insurance
  • student senate activities
  • registration services
  • some hospital services


Approximately $550 per semester.

Vehicle Registration

$25 per year.

Course Fees

Course Fees

Part-time Credit Hour Fee

Part-time student rate is $310 per credit hour. Part-time enrollment is available, however, in order to graduate from the College, students have to meet a full-time enrollment and work-program requirement. For more information, students should refer to Graduation Requirements section in the College Catalog.