The C of O Associates seek to advance the objectives of the College through friends and corporate relationships. The Associates not only recognize the College’s unique contribution to higher education in the United States, but also the tremendous impact it has had economically and culturally in the Ozarks area of Southwest Missouri.

Membership dues and other donations raised by the Associates are specifically used for the support of special student projects scholarship funds for projects that fall outside of the College’s normal operating budget. The Board of Directors annually approves the recommended student projects.

Basic annual Association Membership dues are $75 for an individual, $150 for a couple, $200 for a family, or $350 for a local business annually. Additionally, to encourage and recognize those Associates that provide funding above the normal dues level, the Board of Directors has authorized the distribution of pins indicative of additional giving at three separate levels. Silver Club members are Associates that contribute a total of $250 (per individual) or $500 (per family). Similarly, a total gift of $500 (per individual) or $1,000 (per family) qualifies one as a member of the Gold Club. Finally, a total contribution of $2,500 (per individual) or $5,000 (per family), accumulated over a possible five fiscal years, qualifies one for the Diamond Club and also carries with it a lifetime membership to the college association.

College of the Ozarks has benefited from the Associates’ involvement over the years. Various student projects have been funded as a result of the generosity of the Associate membership. The College and its Associates invite you to join and participate in the activities of this organization and become an integral part of College of the Ozarks. Should you desire additional information, please complete the request form. If you would like to join today online, or even become one of our club members, complete the online membership and join those who have chosen to make a difference in the lives of students at College of the Ozarks.

Associate Projects

  • Auditorium projector screen - Business Department
  • Ultra cold freezer - Biology Department
  • Fire Gear - Fire Department
  • Weight room equipment - Physical Education Department
  • Wireless microphones - Theatre Department
  • Refrigerator - Child Development Center
  • Playground equipment – Camp Lookout
  • Pep/Jazz band instruments – Music Department
  • NMR spectrometer – Chemistry Department
  • Forage plate meter – Agriculture Department
  • Video cameras – Education Department

These are only a few of the most recent projects funded through Associate contributions.  Each year, a significant amount of Associate support provides funding for special student programs, resources, and opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.

Associates Board of Directors

The following individuals are active board members:

Bob Sarver, Chairperson 
Judie Box 
Deloris Bryant 
Margaret Burkhalter 
Barbara Curbow 
Paul Frampton 
Pat Franks 
Kay Gerken 
Greg Hogue 
Donald Jolly 
Carolyn Loften 
Homer Piatt 
Dan Ratermann 
Pamela Spears 
Robert (Tim) Thomas