Lamae Koogler head shot.

Lamae Koogler

Title: Associate Professor of Hospitality Management, The Wanda Cain Chair of Hotel and Restaurant Management

Teaching Focus: Hotel Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts



Dr. Lamae Koogler brings over 30 years of accounting practice and hospitality industry experience to College of the Ozarks. She earned her BBA in Accounting from the University of New Mexico, an MBA from Northern Arizona University, and practiced in both New Mexico and Arizona before serving as an Assistant Professor at Northern Arizona University for three years.  After gaining experience in theme park management, lodging management, and corporate training, she owned and operated restaurants in Texas for 15 years. Most recently, she earned her doctorate degree from the University of Missouri in Educational Leadership. In 2014, Lamae started her service with the College in the hospitality/event management and culinary arts department.