Mission & Service 

Mission and Service

At College of the Ozarks, we believe that God has called us to integrate our Christian faith with our lives, learning, and service.  Because of this, we diligently pursue spreading Christ's love to those within our own neighborhoods and the global community. 

Annually, Christian Ministries encourages students through internships, mission trips, and service opportunities to participate in God's mission to the world.  These experiences often transform students as much as those they serve.  As students participate in God's mission, they mature in their biblical understanding of "loving God, themselves, and others." 

Mission Training Institute

Mission Training Institutes (MTIs) provide a laboratory for students to learn practical skills and gain a theological understanding for mission work that can propel them into a life of mission.  In the past, we have hosted experiences where students can learn about God's mission locally and worldwide, conversations on sharing the Gospel with Muslims, the biblical basis for mission work, and mission fairs with mission and service organization representatives. 

Mission Trips

Over the years, we have been able to take trips all over the world.  Most recently, we have sent students to Belize and Ecuador to do evangelism and discipleship, Cameroon for medical mission work,  New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina relief and reconstruction, and inner city Memphis to help with home-building.  At the center of all of these trips is a deep desire to communicate Christ's love and our hope through both our words and actions.


Each semester Christian Ministries sponsors multiple student-led service opportunities in our local community.  These opportunities have included feeding and clothing the poor, working at local boys and girls shelters, working low-income children, disaster relief, construction, and tutoring.