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Artos, meaning “bread” in Greek, is a weekly inductive Bible study held on Wednesdays over the lunch hour in the Christian Ministries Lounge. The intention of Artos is to offer a time of fellowship while eating “bread” for the body and soul. Students generally enjoy Artos because it is relaxed, hospitable, and application-driven.


Camp Koinonia is an annual all-school retreat held September 22-24th this year. It's an opportunity for students to enjoy fellowship with one another in a beautiful outdoor setting. The weekend helps students to walk more intimately with God, provides a wonderful worship experience, great food, and much-needed rest.


The Leadership Development Track is a program focusing on student growth in leadership. It follows the natural development of students over their four years in college and provides opportunities for them to capitalize on that progression. Students get involved in committing to the pursuit of excellence in all of their activities at C of O. Over the course of four years students will explore different leadership possibilities, learn about how they can be better leaders and have an opportunity to lead and teach others to do the same thing. The emphasis is a hands-on approach while they are in college so that they will be empowered and productive leaders.

The leadership principles in LDT reflect the character qualities supported by the College in the formation of Christian living, service, and education. Although LDT is not an organization that students attend weekly, there are several events they can attend, such as retreats, forums, conferences, service projects, and community events.

For more information about the Leadership Development Track, please contact the Student Director office at ldt@cofo.edu.


Small Group Leader Training is an intentional, small-group discipleship program that prepares students to organically grow small groups. As a partnership between Christian Ministries and Residence Life, Small Group Leader Training helps prepare 25-30 students each semester. While in this program, students come to a fuller understanding of who Jesus is and the value of committing to the community throughout life. This program empowers students to lead Gospel-centered small groups on most of the dormitory floors on campus.