Sep 30, 2022

College of the Ozarks hosts the 15th annual White Coat Ceremony

POINT LOOKOUT, MO. — The Armstrong McDonald School of Nursing (AMSON) at College of the Ozarks held its 15th annual White Coat Ceremony on August 23. Twenty-one members of the class of 2024 were coated.

Dr. Janice Williams, director of the nursing program, welcomed the parents, administrators, and College President Brad and his wife, Laura Lacy Johnson. The event was held in the Royal Oak Forum at The Keeter Center while the parents and other guests watched via livestream.

During the White Coat Ceremony, two sets of siblings were able to attend. The senior students Clayton Snudden and Janelle Staal handed the white coats to their junior student siblings Autumn Snudden Walters and Emily Staal. Both sets of siblings attend the College of the Ozarks Nursing Program. Following are the junior nursing majors who received their white coats at the 15th annual White Coat Ceremony:

  • Elli Boldman Chase from Point Lookout, MO 
  • Rebekah Brookens from Pana, IL                    
  • Nicole Carrubba from Warrenton, MO                                            
  • Mica Chadwell from Marshfield, MO                                               
  • Riley Chaffee from Webb City, MO                                                 
  • Emma G.Clifton from Falcon, MO                                    
  • Susanna Davis from Crestwood, MO                                                              
  • Lindsey Deckard from Marshfield, MO                                            
  • Rafe Dillard from Everton, AR                                                          
  • Eliana Gnuse from Arlington, NE                                                    
  • Elizabeth Hoffman from Purdy, MO                                                 
  • Emily Wright from Ozark, MO
  • Annie Varhalla from Farmington, MO
  • Nicole Terry from Carter Lake, IA
  • Emily Staal from Central City, IA
  • Fiona Schlabach from Selah, WA
  • Autumn Walters from Valley Mines, MO
  • Quinn Roberts from Eureka, MO
  • Brooke Roberts from Blue Eye, MO
  • Jacob Holt from Plato, MO
  • Josephine Jordan from Nixa, MO

The guest speakers were Hannah and Ryan Forrest, who graduated in 2016 from nursing school. Ryan and Hannah met at their first orientation for nursing school. After graduating, Hannah worked in labor and delivery for four years, then, Hanna earned her nurse practitioner master’s degree.

Hannah Forrest stated, “It is a big deal to earn a white coat, but it matters what’s in your heart when you care for your patients.”

Ryan Forrest added, “The college of the Ozarks nursing program prepares you to take care of the patients on the physical side, but they also prepare you for the spiritual side.”

Along with the white coats, the junior students were given a white New Testament Bible and a white rose. Linda Brennam from the Gideons International Auxiliary presented each student with the Nurses’ New Testament Bible to use in their practice of healing.

“I encourage you to carry this Testament with you,” said Brennam. “Have it with you when a patient or family needs comfort and hope from God’s word.” After the students were coated, the seniors prayed a blessing over the juniors, who were given the white coat.

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and the Gold Foundation have collaborated to provide support and technical assistance to 360 schools of nursing in 49 states to offer ceremonies designed to inspire a commitment to provide compassionate, patient-centered care among students entering the nursing profession. More information can be found on their website