Mar 11, 2022

College of the Ozarks hosts spring 2022 Career Expo

POINT LOOKOUT, MO. — College of the Ozarks hosted 120 organizations with nearly 200 representatives during the spring Career Expo on March 9, in the Howell W. Keeter Athletic Complex.

Returning to an in-person setting, the College welcomed employers as well as several college graduate programs local to the Ozarks, while also including regions in Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The event allows students to practice soft skills such as interviewing and communication by initiating conversations with employers.

“We are focused on the transitional period, helping students develop from the backpack to briefcase,” said Jarrett McIntyre, sophomore English Education major and Career Center student coordinator. “The goal for students is not necessarily finding a career today, rather connecting with people who will help them find the next step.”

When asked what the Career Center’s goal was, McIntyre said they hope to see students take advantage of the opportunities at hand. Any student can walk into the event and leave with a job offer, connections with a recruiter, or more information on potential careers.

C of O Career Center

As a development from past semesters, the Career Center invited more companies looking to hire students for summer work. For students who do not receive the Summer Work Program to cover room and board costs, these opportunities create more options to assist student with living expenses. Freshmen and sophomores are greeted to search resources facilitated by the Career Center.

This semester, the Career Center introduced Hiration, a new platform to build professional portfolios and assist with resumes and LinkedIn profiles. “If you are applying for a job and you upload your resume, the software will identify how you fulfill the job description and present what areas you need to modify according to the job description,” said Career Center Director, Jim Freeman. The Career Center will provide Hiration free to all students and encourages freshmen through seniors to interact with the software.

Throughout the semester, the Career Center facilitates several vocational enriching events, such as the GIFT forum, The HUNT, and mock interview mixers with local professionals. The GIFT forum (Gathering Information For Transition) is an event for juniors and seniors to create a personal mission statement and explore how the College’s work program has shaped them. Additionally, the GIFT provides useful insight on how to create a resume and a LinkedIn profile. The HUNT (Helping U Navigate Transition) is an opportunity for seniors to explore practical ways to transition out of college by visiting several headquarters of local companies.