Dec 04, 2020

College of the Ozarks Theatre Department to present “Babette’s Feast,” Dec. 7-10


POINT LOOKOUT, MO. — The College of the Ozarks Theatre Department will present “Babette’s Feast” as its winter production.

A student convocation will take place Monday, Dec. 7, at 7 p.m. in the Jones Auditorium. The rest of the performances will occur Tuesday – Thursday, Dec. 8-10, at 7:30 p.m. The performance on Monday is a student convocation. With the covid guidelines, seating is currently limited to students, faculty, staff and administration. Tickets are free, but reservations are required in order to maintain social distancing guidelines. Seating is limited.

Play Synopsis

The play, performed by C of O students, is directed by Mark Young, professor of theatre. This adaptation reimagines Dinesen’s classic tale as a rich theatrical event: deep, funny, sensual, dangerous and beautiful. It brings us into the cloistered 19th-century world of two loving, devout Lutheran sisters and tells us how they and their fractured community reluctantly, then completely, embraces Babette, a mysterious French refugee. But when Babette, much to the community’s shock, sacrifices all she has to throw a lavish dinner party, the dinner guests magically and inexplicably experience radical, infinite grace. Babette’s sumptuous feast is more than a meal: it is an act of supreme artistry that invites an abundant experience of forgiveness and transforms the entire community. Through “Babette’s Feast,” we learn how embracing the stranger can change a community for the better.


  • Player 1- Narrator, Dresser, Postman, Young Loewenhielm, performed by Karsten Armstrong, sophomore history education major from Worthington, Minnesota
  • Player 2- Narrator, Lars, Dagfinn, Lief, performed by Josiah Wolfard, junior music theatre major from Marshfield, Missouri
  • Player 3- Narrator, Groom, Henrick, performed by Jacob Robbins, junior biblical and theological studies major from Springfield, Missouri
  • Player 4- Narrator, Espen, Hans, Osvald, performed by Elijah Wolfard, freshman biblical and theological studies major from Marshfield, Missouri
  • Player 5- Narrator, Erna, Lady of the Court, performed by Rebecca Tiffee, freshman psychology major from Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Player 6- Narrator, Mrs. Loewenhielm, Astrid, performed by Amaya Keele, freshman music theatre major from Greenville, Missouri
  • Philippa, performed by Anna Brayman, sophomore music theatre major from Hollister, Missouri
  • Martine, performed by Dorothie Grace Goode, sophomore music theatre major from Vilonia, Arkansas
  • Babette, performed by Susie Johnson, junior theatre and English major from Des Moines, Iowa
  • Dean/Loewenhielm, performed by William Bressler, sophomore theatre major from Jonesboro, Arkansas
  • Papin/Alf, performed by Christian Belcher, sophomore music theatre major from Blanchard, Oklahoma

To make reservations, call the Theatre Department Box Office at (417) 690-2626.