Junior, Public Relations Major

A young Marine’s story of hard work, discipline, and growth.

Sawyer was drawn to College of the Ozarks because of the opportunity to work, rather than pay, for his education.

Ninety percent of C of O students demonstrate financial need and 100 percent of them work 15 hours per week at their assigned workstation in order to offset the cost of their education. The rest of the student’s cost is covered by the generosity of supporters across the United States.

Sawyer credits the Work Education Program for refining qualities in him — things like perseverance, determination, and hard work.

"College of the Ozarks Work Education Program has strengthened my grit and is helping me prepare for my future career."

He began his journey at The Keeter Center selling baked goods and coffee before moving up to be a server in Dobyns Dining Room.

“Both these positions taught me how to multitask, develop confidence, and promote our wonderful college.”

Plant seeds of success.



An investment in College of the Ozarks is an investment in students like Sawyer.


Sawyer’s diligence and hard work was noticed, and he now works in the College’s Public Relations Office. Through this office, he assists in media opportunities, writing press releases, advertising strategy, internal communications, and more.

Communication isn’t new to Sawyer; as a Marine he specializes in radio communications for his platoon.

“I shipped off to Marine Corps Boot Camp in June 2017. After graduating from boot camp, I attended the School of Infantry for one month before spending four months at the Marine Corps Communication Electronics School in 29 Palms, California. I now drill monthly out of Springfield, Missouri, where I run radio communications.”

Sawyer’s love of country is apparent in his service as a Marine and in his decision to attend College of the Ozarks, an institution known for its patriotic education.

“College of the Ozarks Patriotic Education Travel Program expanded my knowledge and love for the history of our country.”

Sawyer traveled to Washington, D.C., in 2019 for the College’s inaugural CitizenTrip® — a two day immersive trip into America’s rich history.

As he completes his time at Hard Work U. and faces his future, Sawyer’s confidence is contagious.

“My time at C of O has confirmed that God is the only one who satisfies my heart!”