2018 Graduate - Biblical Theological Studies Major, Psychology Minor

Without the resources to pay for college, Hard Work U. is where Lane's story began.

Lane, one of four children, grew up in a loving, Christian home - but like most College of the Ozarks students, his family didn't have the resources to pay for college. Lane knew his best option was Hard Work U., a place where he could work, rather than pay, for his education.

“I wanted to come to C of O because it was the only college that I could afford, and it offered the degree program I wanted. I desired to become a minister ever since I was a little kid. My family could not afford for me to attend any other school, and they impressed upon me the importance of being debt free. Therefore, C of O was the best fit.”

Lane credits the College of the Ozarks Work Education Program for offering him the chance to graduate debt free - and cultivating in him a strong work ethic. Lane's workstation was The Keeter Center, a fine dining restaurant, lodge, and conference facility located on the C of O campus. He spent his summers serving as a camp counselor at Camp Lookout, a summer camp for underprivileged children.

“They taught me the value of working as a team and that there will always be bad days at work; if you work through the hard days, you can enjoy the good times that will follow.”

Reflecting on his time at the College, Lane is grateful for the professors who helped shape him.

“I was mentored under some of the smartest and wisest men I have ever known. These men shaped and molded me into the man I am today and the way that I look at the world.”

Plant seeds of success.



An investment in College of the Ozarks is an investment in students like Lane.


The deep-rooted relationships fostered during his college career didn't end when Lane graduated - they continue today. In fact, Lane met his wife, Christa, while at C of O.

Christa is a 2016 graduate from the Armstrong McDonald School of Nursing. She now serves as a kidney transplant coordinator at St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri.

Lane works as a Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor at a Christian counseling company. Through his work, he sees individuals and couples who are experiencing distress in their life and relationships.

“My role is to come alongside them and help guide them through these difficulties - and show them the love of Christ.”

Lane's faith in Christ is deep.

“My faith was strengthened throughout my time at C of O. What it taught me most was how to study Scripture on my own - and the consistency needed to remain faithful throughout my life.”

Lane graduated in 2018 from College of the Ozarks with a Biblical Theological Studies degree and a minor in Psychology. He completed a Master of Arts in Counseling in 2020 and Master of Divinity in 2022, both from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Lane and Christa reside in Kansas City.

“We are expecting our first child in April 2022 - a C of O hopeful for the class of 2040!”