9:20-9:35 Schools begin to arrive (Hook Activities Center)
9:40 sharp Welcome, review of rules and room assignments, etc.
10:00 All teams beign the Set A group test.
10:20 All teams end the Set A test.
10:30 All teams begin the Set B group test.
10:50 All teams end the Set B test.
11:00 Each group starts the Bonus Question.
11:15 The Bonus Question time ends.
1:00 pm Award Presentation (Jones Auditorium)



  1. Each school may enter 4 "regular" teams of two people each. These groups will be classified 7-I, 7-II, 8-I, 8-II. Alternates or a third person for each “regular” team may be brought, but only two students from a school will be allowed to work on any given problem set. This rule means that at least one student from every team takes both exams A and B. A calculator will be allowed, in fact encouraged, in all divisions. (graphing or otherwise)
  2. Each school may also enter a team consisting of one or two students in the OPEN division. These students may be in either 7th or 8th grade (or one of each), with the same rules for alternates as in #1.
  3. During the contest each of the 5 teams will work two sets of problems, Set A and Set B. 20 minutes will be allowed for each set, with a short break between each set. After a short rest period each team will solve a 15 minute Bonus question.
  4. The Set A and Set B problems will be worth 20 points each. The bonus problem will be worth 5 points. The order of finish in each group will be the team with the most total points. In the case of a tie, the team with the largest number of points on the Bonus Question will finish best. If both tied teams scored the same amount on the Bonus question, then the team that handed in their Bonus solution first will be awarded the higher trophy.
  5. A trophy will be awarded to each of the 5 groups with the highest total points. Certificates for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place schools in each group will also be given. Grand prize trophies for first, second, and third place will also be awarded with fourth and fifth place grand prize certificates given. Ties for the Grand Prize division will be decided by first looking at the total number of Bonus points for every group division. If a tie still exists the team which handed in their Open Division Bonus Question first will be given the higher award.


  Test A Test B
Group 7-I Measurement Number Theory
Group 7-II Whole Number and Decimal Calculations Emphasis on Problem Solving
Group 8-I Number Theory Geometry
Group 8-II Fraction and Decimals Problem Solving
Open Division "Anything Goes" "Anything Goes"