The College strives to instill the best of the Christian Western tradition of thought and practice into its students by encouraging them to reflect on the beauty of God’s creation through art, music, theater, and, even, architecture. By reflecting on these culture-making expressions in the midst of their liberal-arts-based curriculum, students are able to come to a greater love of God’s creativity in the world and the ways they can participate in it.


    The College provides a variety of opportunities for students to cultivate a broad understanding of the world for its students. The College sponsors a weekly convocation series that introduces students to local, national, and world leaders who speak on themes and ideas that impact our society. Through this convocation series, students learn from former presidents, public servants, and other leaders about how students can impact the world they live in with their lives. The College also provides opportunities for students to travel domestically and abroad in order that students might gain a greater understanding of history, other cultures, and America’s position in the world. These experiences transform students and open their eyes to new opportunities, friendships, and ways to serve.


    The Keeter Center for Character Education promotes the development of character and good citizenship. In so doing, the Center reflects the principle upon which College of the Ozarks was established--that character in young people is best developed from an education which includes the head, the heart, and the hands.