Can students bring cars to C of O?

Yes; however freshman students (30 hours or less) are not permitted to drive their cars throughout the week. The freshman lot will be closed and locked from 1:00 a.m. Monday morning until noon on Friday. Please refer to the student handbook for policies regarding student vehicles on campus.

Are bicycles allowed on campus?

Yes. There are bike racks in close proximity to all the residence halls where students can park bikes. Students can register bikes for free at the Dean of Students office.

If students have an emergency how do they get their vehicles out of the freshman lot?

Freshmen who need their vehicles for an emergency may call and get permission to leave from the Dean of Students.

What is involved with registering a student’s car/motorcycle?

All students must register vehicles in the Dean of Students office every semester, and only one car is allowed per student. Students may register both a car and a motorcycle.

Students need car information (make and model, color, and license plate number), proof of current insurance, and a registration fee of $10 per semester to register their vehicles. Proof of adequate liability insurance is required to register a vehicle each semester. The minimum requirement of the state in which the vehicle is registered will be adequate unless that state has no requirement, then the vehicle must be insured for the Missouri state minimum. The insurance must remain in force while the vehicle is registered. Failure to maintain insurance will result in the cancellation of registration and banning the vehicle from campus. If the vehicle has been registered before, the old hang-tag must be presented. If the old hang-tag is lost or destroyed, a new one will be issued at no extra charge. However, if the “lost or destroyed” hang-tag is found in another vehicle, both that vehicle and the vehicle of the original hang-tag owner will be banned. All stolen hang-tags must be reported immediately.

Payment for vehicle registration may be made with cash or check in the Dean of Students office. Payment may also be made online using CASHNet. The procedure for CASHNet is as follows:

  1. Login to your Campusweb account.
  2. Under the Student tab, select My Account Info, then My Account Balances.
  3. Click on Go To CASHNet.
  4. Click “Make Payment” at the top of the page.
  5. Select “Other Charges”, enter $10.00, and add to basket.
  6. Checkout, and enter the required card or account information.
  7. Print the receipt, and take it to the Dean of Students office as proof of payment.