Transfer Students

I'd like to take classes before coming to C of O; how do I know what do take?

Read the questions below on transfer policies, and especially the link under “How will transfer courses be applied?” It is suggested the students take a college level math (or remedial math if necessary) and other general education courses (see the most current College Catalog), then click on general education.

When do transfer students register?

Transfer students may begin registering after current students have completed registration for the upcoming semester.  The Registrar's Office will develop an initial schedule; however, talking with the department may be necessary.  The department can assist with course placement within the major and transfer credit evaluation within the major.

How will transfer courses be applied by the college?

In general, transfer courses from regionally accredited institutions will be accepted by the College of the Ozarks.  See the Transferring Credits for additional information on transfer policies.  We will need an official transcript(s) from each institution which granted credit.  Students should send an updated transcript, with current semester’s grades, if they are currently taking courses at another institution.

My transfer grades are low; how does that affect my C of O GPA?

The College accepts transfer credits with a C- grade or higher.  Accepted transfer credits do not calculate into the students cumulative GPA at C of O.