How do first-time students enroll for classes?

Class schedules for new freshmen students and transfer students are set by the Registrar's Office. Students are placed in appropriate entry-level courses in their major along with general education courses required of all students. Generally, courses are blocked into morning or afternoon segments to accommodate the required work program. New students are encouraged to check their schedule once it is created and to contact the Registrar's Office with questions.

How do current students enroll for classes?

Current students register for classes each semester through the Campusweb, which can be accessed either on or off campus, after the student has counseled with an advisor. Registration dates vary by the number of cumulative hours a student has earned, plus hours being attempted in the current semester. Each semester students must address any holds prior to the registration finalized date printed on the college calendar. Holds include BU–Business Office (financial), DS–Dean of Students (convocation/chapel deficiency, etc.), DC–Dean of College (overload/underload), RE–Registrar’s (grad check), LI–Library (overdue materials), HO–Hospital, DW–Dean of Work Education (work hours, etc.), and FA–Financial Aid (financial aid). Students who do not have all holds removed by the deadline will be dropped from classes and receive a $100 late fee.

How many classes are students required to take per semester?

The course load is a minimum of 15 hours and a maximum of 18 hours per semester. Approval to carry an underload or overload must be granted by the Dean of the College. ; Residence hall students must have at least 12 credit hours to remain in the residence hall or to participate in the work education program.

How are classes added or dropped?

The procedure for adding or dropping a course depends on the date the change is made and whether the student is adding or dropping a course for a current or future semester.

Current Semester: For the first five days of the semester, students may add or drop courses without charge by emailing ( or visiting the Registrar’s Office. Courses cannot be added after the first week of classes.

Dropping a course after the first week is an online procedure in Campusweb –› Student Resources –› Drop a Class. After the online form is submitted, it will be sent first to the student’s advisor, and then to the Dean of the College, for approval. If approved the course will automatically be dropped from the student’s class schedule and the $10 drop fee will be charged to his/her account. If denied no charges will be generated. It is suggested that students continue to attend the course until they receive the e-mail confirming it has been dropped.

A grade of WP or WF will be recorded during weeks 2 – 14.  Courses dropped after week 14 will result in a grade of “F”.

Please note: Full-time students may not drop below 12 credit hours, and only full-time students are permitted to live in the residence halls. Residence hall students who desire to drop to less than 15 hours need underload approval from the Dean of the College. This will occur during the online drop process.

Can students change their enrollment status?

Students who wish to change their current student enrollment status must apply online through Campusweb. Enrollment status refers to whether students are full-time commuting, part-time commuting, or living in the residence hall. The application must be made well in advance of the semester for which the desired change would go into effect. Students wishing to commute must meet the following criteria:

  • Be married,
  • Be a veteran of the armed forces, or
  • Live with parent(s) or legal guardians.