Proficiency Tests

Composition Proficiency Test

College-level composition courses taken at other schools, including dual enrollment courses, transfer in and fulfill the College's composition requirements if the student passes the College's composition proficiency test.  If a student does not pass this test, the composition courses transfer in as elective credit, and the student must take the College's composition courses. 

Who may take the test?

During the first week of classes students who have transferred in composition courses are sent an email of available test dates.  An official college transcript showing the composition course must have been received by the Registrar's Office in order to receive the email. 

How do students signup for the test?

Students wishing to take the test must sign-up in advance for a thirty minute appointment with The Writing Center at which time the writing assistant will explain the expectations for the proficiency test. Once the thirty minute conference is completed, students may sign up for one of the test dates.

Are students required to take the proficiency test?

Students are only required to take the proficiency test if they would like their composition classes to meet the College's composition requirements.   

Do students who have an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree take the test?

Most general education classes are met by an A.A. degree; however, even A.A. students take the proficiency test to meet composition class requirements. 

May students take the proficiency test after they have failed English Composition I or II at College of the Ozarks?

No, students cannot take the proficiency test if they have failed the course at College of the Ozarks.  The proficiency test is the same as the final exam for the course. 

May students take the proficiency test while enrolled in English Composition I or II at College of the Ozarks?

Once students begin the English Composition sequence they may not take the proficiency exam at College of the Ozarks. 

May students take the proficiency test more than once?

No, students may only take the proficiency test one time.

Computer Proficiency Test

What is the computer proficiency test?

The computer proficiency test, if passed, will allow a student to meet the general education information management course requirement with a proficiency exam instead of enrolling in a three-credit hour class.

Note: Some majors require a specific class and will not allow the proficiency to meet the requirement. Check with your advisor to be sure.

May I take the proficiency test while enrolled in the class?

You may not take the proficiency test during or after taking CSC 113 or LSC 213 unless you drop the course prior to the first week of classes.

The test will be offered in the Plaster Building Computer Sciences Lab (Room 307). The test will take approximately 3 hours. 

How do I register to take the computer proficiency test?

The test is only offered during the first two week of class every fall and spring semester. To schedule your test, contact Cheri Kembell at

What is the computer proficiency testing process?

On your scheduled day, arrive at the Plaster Computer Sciences Lab. You will be asked to sign in to a computer using your CofO user name and password. Using the Chrome browser, you will then navigate to the Cengage website where the test is offered. Students will create a temporary account with Cengage and sign up for the Computer Proficiency Course. Afterward, the lab assistant will enter a password, allowing the students to begin testing.

What does the test include?

The test contains two portions, the objective portion includes a set of multiple-choice questions. The skill-based portion of the test will require students to fulfill a series of tasks in a Windows-10 simulated environment.

Can I study for the test?

Yes you can, by using a variety of on-line or purchased materials. The objectives portion of the test covers but is not limited to, the following types of information:
Computer concepts: You will be expected to have an understanding of systems hardware including primary and secondary storage and their capacities, the CPU, RAM, ROM, output devices, input devices, and multi-tasking.

Operating Systems and Windows: You will be expected to have an understanding of Operating Systems functions including File Explorer, GUI concepts, minimizing and maximizing windows, and resource management.
Spreadsheet Concepts: You will be expected to have an understanding of cells, chart types and their appropriate uses, functions, formulas, values, and labels.
Power Point Concepts: You will be expected to have an understanding of presentations, transitions, animations, themes, and inserting images and videos.
Internet and communications: You will be expected to have an understanding of World Wide Web, Internet, networks, modems, video conferencing, URLs.
Security, Privacy, and Ethics: You will be expected to have an understanding of piracy, cookies, different types of software such as public domain, shareware, etc., Virus, intellectual property rights and infringement, authentication, defamation, slander.
The skills-based portion of the test requires you to follow on-screen instructions using various products from the Microsoft Office suite. Tasks you might be expected to complete could include the following:

Windows System You will be expected to perform tasks such as file explorer searching and navigation, windows menu use, saving images using snipping tool, and navigating the desktop.
Microsoft Word: You will be expected to perform tasks such as image insertion and adjustment, margin adjustment, styling, font size and paragraph spacing.
Microsoft Excel: You will be expected to perform tasks in Excel and show your competence with separate sheets,formulas, functions, formatting the spreadsheet,cursor shortcuts, creating a chart with appropriate data legends and saving the spreadsheet per specific instructions.
Microsoft Power Point: You will be expected to perform tasks in Power Point such as transitions, themes, animations, and inserting images and videos.
Microsoft Access: You will be expected to perform tasks such as creating a new column and entering a record of data.
Microsoft Outlook: You will be expected to perform tasks such as attaching documents onto e-mails, filtering your inbox, and scheduling events with multiple recipients.

What version of Microsoft Office will I be using?

You will be using the latest version of the Microsoft Office 365 suite.

May I use any resources during the test?

You may not use any outside or internet resources during the test. Any use of unauthorized resources will be reported to the Dean of the College.

What is the passing score for the test and when will I receive the results?

You will need to receive a score of 70% or above on both the skills portion and the objective portion of the test to pass the test. You will be able to see your score immediately after completing a section.

Will I receive credit hours for passing the test?

You will receive three credit hours for CSC 113 Fundamentals of Computer Systems.  This will meet your information and technology management general education requirement.  Note: Some majors require completion of a specific information and technology management course.

Can I take the test again if I do not receive a passing grade?

No. The proficiency test may be attempted once.

What should I do if I experience technical problems?

If you experience technical problems during the exam, please notify the lab assistant immediately.

Swimming Proficiency Test

College of the Ozarks requires students to demonstrate proficiency in personal life-saving swimming capabilities. Students who are competent swimmers will be assessed for their ability to complete six swimming tasks. Students who lack confidence or proficiency will be identified as needing to complete PED 121 Swimming (Co-Ed) prior to graduation.  

Who may take the swimming proficiency test?

Students enrolled in IDS 104 Patriotic Education and Fitness will be assigned to take the proficiency test as part of the course curriculum. Students who are unable to complete the test on the assigned day due to a medical circumstance or instructor-approved excusal may contact the Fitness Center pool staff to arrange an alternate testing time.

What are the test criteria?

Students must pass all portions of the swimming proficiency test including:  25 yard front stroke, 25 yard back stroke, 5 minute endurance swim, 5 minute survival tread, feet first water entry, and head first water entry. 

Are students required to take the swimming proficiency test?

Students who cannot swim may opt out of the test by informing their assigned instructor that they are electing to voluntarily enroll in PED 121 Swimming (Co-Ed).

May students take the swimming proficiency test more than once?

Students may only take the swimming proficiency test one time.  (Medical exceptions may be made at the instructor's discretion.)

What if a student attempts but does not pass the swimming proficiency test?

Students who do not pass the proficiency test will be required to complete and pass PED 121 Swimming (Co-Ed) prior to graduation.

What if a student has a medical condition which prevents swimming?

Students with a medical condition may submit documentation to the Dean of the College to determine an appropriate alternative. 

Do students receive college credit for passing the swimming proficiency test?

Successful completion of the swimming proficiency test is noted on students’ transcripts; however, no credit is awarded.