Helpful C of O Terms

Alumni Laundry (referred to as the “laundry”)

Students may utilize laundry services for a fee which can be paid in cash, or students may work extra to cover this cost. The laundry is a work station where students provide professional laundry services not only for their fellow students, but for faculty, staff, and various campus industries. Students are not required to use the laundry; washers and dryers are available in the residence halls.


The College mascot.


The College’s online student information system, available on or off campus.

Character Camp

All new students are required to attend Character Camp. Character Camp provides students with an enjoyable, intensive orientation to the College and its expectations. Character Camp also provides an outstanding leadership opportunity for orientation leaders called “moms and pops” who model the character expected of a C of O student while leading their “kids” through the orientation process.

Convocations and Chapels Requirements

The stated goals of the convocation and chapel programs at the College are currently aimed at providing students enrichment to their classroom experience while at C of O. Specifically, the Student Handbook states that convocations are “designed to enhance the mission of the college” and are “provided to students to enhance their education experience outside the classroom.” Similarly, the catalog describes the chapel program as a key ingredient in the development of a student’s character, worldview, and sense of community as a C of O student. The services “are designed to challenge and enhance the spiritual life” of the students.

Convocation programs reflect the five goals of the college: patriotic, cultural, Christian, vocational, and academic.  All full-time students (12 hours per semester) with less than 91 college hours are required to attend convocation and chapel programs. Each semester there are at least 10 convocations offered.  Chapel takes place every Sunday at 11:00am.

Students who are required to attend these programs will attend one convocation from each of the five goals; five chapels; and five additional programs of their choice between convocations and chapels


A term used to describe that a hold has been placed on the student’s registration, transcript, or diploma. The student subsequently will not be permitted to enroll for the following term.


College of the Ozarks complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974. In accordance with the federal law, the College has adopted policies and procedures governing the confidentiality of student educational records. In general, no individual shall have access to, nor will the College disclose any information from, a student’s education record without the written consent of the student. Exceptions allow certain personnel of the College to see records as well as procedures for release in emergency situations. For more information on FERPA please refer to the Consumer Information page.

Five-fold Mission

The College stresses academic, Christian, vocational, cultural, and patriotic growth in students through its various programs and services.

Hard Work U

The College’s nickname.

Health, Services, and Technology Fee (referred to as “HST fee”)

The HST fee covers incidental items each semester, included but not limited to, admission to home athletic events, yearbook, use of campus technology services such as Internet and CampusWeb, and an accident insurance policy. The HST fee is paid when students register for classes for the following semester.


Holds are placed on registration to prevent students from registering. Students are prevented from registering for classes for the following semester for many reasons, including but not limited to the following: balances due, disciplinary issues, incomplete paperwork, etc. Generally speaking, holds are not good.

McDonald Health Clinic (referred to as “the clinic”)

The clinic has a nurse on duty Monday through Friday.  A physician assistant is the medical director and sees patients three times per week when needed.  Medical supplies are available for loan including wheel chairs, crutches, ankle, knee and wrist braces.  Some prescription medicines and over the counter medication are available.  The clinic can perform urine tests, rapid strep tests, and finger stick blood glucose tests. Students are referred to Skaggs Hospital for lab and x-ray as necessary. Referrals are made to other physicians, counselors or clinics if needed. Transportation is available to area pharmacies, dentists, and clinics if needed.

Moms & Pops

Mom and dad, sorry; we are not referring to you here. Once you leave your students at C of O, they will meet their orientation leaders, referred to as their Character Camp Mom and Pop. Moms and Pops submit applications for these prestigious leadership positions, and are carefully selected through a screening process overseen by the Dean of Students.

Pearl Rogers Dining Hall (referred to as "The Pearl" or "The Calf")

The College operates its own student dining facilities.  Student meals are prepared by Bobcat Food Services and served in The Pearl, and on occasion other campus locations. The Pearl provides three meals per day, seven days per week, included in the room and board charge. Students are not reimbursed for meals they choose not to attend. The Pearl has recently been remodeled and provides made-to-order sandwiches, a daily international special, daily home cooking specials, hamburgers, grilled cheese, fries, pizza, salad bar, fruits and vegetables, desserts, ice cream, soft drinks, juices, and milk. The College frequently utilizes Bobcat Food Services to cater events and banquets on campus.

The College’s public website. Much pertinent information is available at Many items referenced in this guide are located in the Consumer Information page of the website.