Health and Safety

What if students get sick while on campus?

Medical services are provided on campus for students by the Armstrong McDonald Clinic.  See Campus Health Services below for more information.

Does the College offer health insurance?

No, but part of the HST fee pays for a student accident policy.  This policy is a supplemental policy to the student’s primary medical insurance. 

How safe is the College of the Ozarks’ campus?

The College of the Ozarks Security Department is a private security department serving College of the Ozarks. C of O Security works closely with local law enforcement agencies and may be assisted by these departments when necessary.  The officers receive specialized training in such things as certification for use of portable defibrillators, CPR, storm spotter classes, threat and risk assessment, firearms training, etc. The department is made up of six full time staff officers, and 12 student officers that patrol the campus and gate house. The campus is patrolled twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  All unusual activity is logged and checked by the officers.  Campus buildings are locked and unlocked on a set schedule.  Buildings are also randomly checked by security officers during the shifts. A major part of the security department’s job is to see that the campus is safe at all times even though our campus is one of the quietest in the country.

Environmental, Health and Safety Department

The staff and student workers in the Environmental, Health and Safety Office strive to:

  • Ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations to achieve the optimal control or reduction of hazards & exposures which are detrimental to people, property or the environment,
  • Maintain safe & healthful working conditions,
  • Contribute to general educational development related to safety, health & the environment,
  • Develop a positive image with students, faculty, staff & the surrounding community through personal interaction,
  • Provide safety-related support services to the Campus community. The department routinely conducts fire and life safety inspections of campus buildings, including residence halls.

Campus Fire Department

The Point Lookout Fire Department (PLFD) is a voluntary student-service organization that serves the College and handles fire and medical emergencies on campus.  The firefighters are trained on up-to-date fire fighting and life saving techniques, as well as the use and operation of the department’s emergency equipment.

Campus Health Services

The Armstrong McDonald Clinic has a Nurse on duty Monday through Friday.  The Physician’s Assistant sees patients two days a week when needed.  Medical supplies are available for loan including wheel chairs and crutches.  Some prescription and over the counter medications are available.  Other services offered at the Armstrong McDonald Clinic include urinalysis, rapid Strep test, and a finger stick blood glucose test.  Referrals are made to other physicians, counselors, or clinics as needed.  Transportation is available to area pharmacies, dentist, physical therapy, and local medical appointments if needed.  Students are referred to Cox Medical Center Branson for lab testing and x-ray when necessary.

What should students do if they are injured on the job?

  • Students should notify the work supervisor (if available) and then proceed to the clinic for evaluation/treatment.
  • The PLFD should be called in cases where injured person(s) cannot get themselves to the clinic; if the person(s) should not be moved from the location of injury; or if the clinic is closed,
  • Further determinations will be made in order to ensure that any injured student receives the most appropriate care required. This may include services at Skaggs Community Health Center, Skaggs Occupational Health Services, Skaggs Urgent Care Plus, or Skaggs Emergency Department,
  • Students sustaining work-related injuries must closely follow the physician’s treatment plan, restrictions, etc. in order to recover in a timely manner.

Are students covered by Workman’s Comp insurance in the event of a work-station related medical need?

The Workers Compensation insurance carried by the College applies only to the costs associated with a work-related injury or illness.  The student is still responsible for work hours missed due to injury or illness.

Are there discounts for C of O students who utilize medical services at the local hospital?

Yes. Students who need medical attention at Skaggs Medical Center in Branson receive a discount for services provided by the emergency room, lab, and x-ray IF they first sought medical attention through McDonald Clinic on campus or Point Lookout Fire Department.

What about crime on campus?

Any individual on the College of the Ozarks campus who is a victim of or observes any criminal activity should report the incident immediately by calling the campus switchboard (dial 0) and asking the operator to send a security officer to the location.  Be sure to tell the operator the nature of the problem, the location and any other information that would help the officers.  It is also a good idea to give the operator a call back number.  The operator will dispatch an officer who will most likely do a written report and will gather more information at the scene. To link directly to the College of the Ozarks crime statistics, follow: Type in College of the Ozarks under Name of Institution and click on SEARCH.

What about emergency sirens?

The College has a siren system that sounds when necessary for tornado evacuation, to have the fire department respond to a call, and lock down of the campus. These sirens are tested each semester. The campus is notified prior to testing.