Family Studies and Social Services

Academic Programs

Family Studies and Social Services major provides students with a choice of a Marriage and Family emphasis or a Social Work emphasis. The major objectives are for students to: 1) utilize a systemic approach in understanding the influence of family, culture and social structure on human behavior; 2) explore theories/models, research, and helping skills in marriage and family and social work fields; 3) prepare students for a variety of career settings.

A final departmental exit exam is to be passed by all majors at a grade level of C or above before graduation.


Stephen Bell, PhD LMFT
(417) 690-3267

Tracy Bell, MSW LMSW
(417) 690-2332

Student Groups

FS (Family Studies and Social Services) Club:

The FS Club provides students an opportunity to begin experiencing the helping profession in various ways from community service projects to professional conferences.  The FS Club strives to be one big family.  The goal is to create friends/colleagues for life so the Club meets regularly throughout the semester and has annual dinner functions off campus like Christmas and graduation.  Many former students help one another after graduation through professional networking.   


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