Faculty and Staff

John D. Anderson

Title: Chairman, Division of Business, Applied and Technical Sciences; General Farm Manager & Associate Professor of Agriculture

Education: B.S. Agribusiness – College of the Ozarks
M.S. Agriculture – Arkansas State University
Ph.D. Agricultural Economics – Oklahoma State University

Main Teaching Areas: Agribusiness

Main Ag Staff Responsibilities/title: Overall Agriculture Operations Manager

Year you started at C of O: 2016

What is your favorite part of your job?: My favorite part of this job that it provides a unique opportunity not just to educate students about a subject that I love but also to invest in growth and development of their faith.


Mark Hubbard

Title: Professor of Agriculture

Education: B.S. Forestry – North Carolina State University
M.S. Horticulture – Clemson University
Ph.D. Horticulture – Michigan State University

Main Teaching Area: Horticultural Science

Year Started at C of O: 1994

Why do you like working at C of O? College of the Ozarks is a unique place to study and learn and attracts exceptional young men and women. It is rewarding to participate in the intellectual maturation of those students as they go deeper in their understanding of themselves, of others, and of the world


Adam Kimrey

Title: Meat Processing Plant Manager

Education: B.S. Agribusiness, Accounting minor – College of the Ozarks

Main Ag Staff Responsibilities/title: Meat Processing Plant Manager

Year you started at C of O: September 2008

What is your favorite part of your job? I love working at College of the Ozarks because of the interaction with the students.  This is a great establishment to work for because the faculty and staff are great people and fun to be around.  It is a blast to come to work every day.  The students are really what make this place so fun, they are willing to learn new things and are hard working.  What brings me the most joy is knowing that students can come to me for anything and I will do my very best to help out in any way possible no matter what it may involve.


Donn Russell

Title: Professor of Agriculture

Education: B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Agriculture Education – Iowa State University

Main Teaching Areas: Agriculture Education, Agribusiness, Technology, Equine Science

Main Ag Staff Responsibilities/title: Technology Building Supervisor

Year you started at C of O: 2000

Why do you like working at C of O? I enjoy watching students mature spiritually and intellectually. The professors at College of the Ozarks are privileged to teach fine young men and women who are seeking God’s will for their lives.


Tammy Holder

Title: Assistant Professor of Agriculture & Beef Farm and Agronomy Manager

Education: B.S. Agribusiness and Biology – College of the Ozarks
M.S. Agronomy, Emphasis in Forage Physiology – University of Arkansas

Main Teaching Areas: Agronomy

Main Ag Staff Responsibilities/title: Beef Farm Manager, Agronomy Manager

Year you started at C of O: 2010

Why did you come to work for this college? Jeff and I enjoyed our time here at College of the Ozarks as students.  My teaching appointment as agronomy instructor at Crowder College enabled us to stay in touch with the agriculture faculty at C of O.  I always considered being an agronomy instructor here as my “dream job”.   I enjoy helping students and teaching.  I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to do what I love to do here at C of O.


Sean Milliken

Title: Assistant Professor of Agriculture & Hog Farm Manager

Education: B.S. Animal Science – University of Arkansas 
M.S. General Agriculture – University of Arkansas

Main Teaching Areas: Animal Science

Main Ag Staff Responsibilities/title: Hog Farm Manager

Year you started at C of O: 2016

What is your favorite part of your job? I love the holistic mission of the College of the Ozarks and treasure the unique opportunity to work with students both in the classroom and on the farm.


Matthew Shekels

Title: Assistant Professor of Agriculture & Feed Mill Manager

Education: B.S. Agribusiness – Arkansas Tech University
Master of Agribusiness – Kansas State University

Main Teaching Areas: Agribusiness/Animal Science

Main Ag Staff Responsibilities/title: Feed Mill Manager

Year you started at C of O: 2016

What is your favorite part of your job? There are many aspects to my job that I love, but at the top of the list is working with students to help them grow academically, spiritually, personally, and in their work ethic.  The atmosphere at College of the Ozarks is an incredible place to impact students.  I also love that we have so many farms that we can use in our classes so that students get actual hands-on experience. College of the Ozarks is blessed by God and I am blessed to be here.


Eric Bright

Title: Dairy Farm Manager

Education: B.S. Vocational Agriculture -- Colorado State University

Main Ag Staff Responsibilities/title: Supervise all aspects of the dairy farm and process milk

Year you started at C of O: 2013

What is your favorite part of your job? I believe learning hands-on is an integral part of the study of agriculture. Every day is a learning experience for our students who work at the dairy and I am privileged to be a part of that experience. Students are able to put what they learn into practice and I enjoy being involved in seeing them gain confidence and ability in the production of food for a growing population.


Ryan Bilyeu

Title:  Interim Assistant Dairy Farm Manager

Education: B.S. Agronomy and Agribusiness, Animal Science minor -- College of the Ozarks

Main Ag Staff Responsibilities/title: Assist the Dairy Farm Manager

Year you started at C of O: 2015

What is your favorite part of your job? I enjoy working in a Christian atmosphere with a great bunch of employees. The hard working students make the job fun by their willingness to learn more about agriculture. Teaching the students is one of my favorite things about working at College of the Ozarks. Being able to work outside with the students caring for the dairy cows makes this a dream job.


Lori Simmons

Title: Farmers Market Director & Kranzush Garden Manager

Experience:  I was raised on a farm, assisting customers at our family-run greenhouse, gift shop, and nursery business. For over seven years I served as managing partner, overseeing daily operations, managing all public relations, and developing a thriving agritainment business.

Main Ag Staff Responsibilities/title: Supervising the Farmers Market, leading the garden teams, and assist with milk processing

Year you started at C of O: 2015

What is your favorite part of your job? I love working alongside students, helping them discover their strengths and weaknesses. It's sheer joy seeing the students' creativity as we develop the Farmers Market, their enthusiasm in creating new ways we can improve and grow the Market, and delighting with them as they own their jobs, taking pride in their work and the fruits of our labor. I feel like this job is what the Lord has been preparing me for my whole life, and I love it.






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