Alumni Scholarship

Thanks to continued support of the Alumni Scholarship Fund, $49,500 was awarded this Spring at the Annual Awards Convocation. Because of alumni generosity, one two-semester room and board, 13 one-semester room and board, and six $500 cash scholarships were awarded.  In addition, the J. Hugh and Martha Wise Scholarship Fund awarded three one-semester room and board scholarships, and two $450 book scholarships. J. Hugh Wise was a 1936 S of O graduate.

Alumni may give to the scholarship fund online (select Alumni Giving, then Alumni Scholarship Fund), complete and mail the scholarship form, or call the Alumni Office at 417-690-2208.

Alisha GrayAlisha Gray ’14
Hometown: Mansfield, MO
Major: Business Administration
The Alumni Scholarship allowed me to complete an internship last summer. I was able to gain experience and an insight into the banking field. I learned many things that I will be able to use in my personal life and future career path. I enjoyed being a part of the Student Alumni Association, and as a graduate, I hope to stay involved as an alumna. I want to give back to the College to ensure that others are offered incredible opportunities like I was.
Emily Klug
Emily Klug ’14 
Hometown: Cabool, MO
Major: Psychology and Sociology
I was able to pursue independent research in preparation for admission to graduate school because I received the Alumni Scholarship. This helped prepare me for my doctoral program in Research Psychology. During my
years at College of the Ozarks, I grew as a Christian and as a person. Academically, I feel I am prepared to take the next step and to thrive in my chosen profession. As a graduate, I hope to participate in alumni events and someday be able to pass on the blessing of giving back to scholarships that will help future students.
Rachel Joy Trapp
Rachel Joy Trapp ’14
Hometown: Springfield, MO
Major: Nursing
When I received the one-semester Room & Board scholarship, I was tremendously grateful and relieved to have the financial burden taken away. I worked in the Alumni Office, so I was able to talk with many of the alumni who give back by donating towards the Alumni Scholarship Fund. It was such a blessing to meet these alumni and hear their stories of how the College affected them. Because of how much they were blessed, they now want to do the same for others. In the future, I hope to give back to College of the Ozarks, which has given me so much.

Tomás Ovington

Tomás Ovington ’14
Hometown: Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico
Major: Horticulture
Thanks to the Alumni Scholarship, I was able to participate in an international internship with Samaritan’s Purse in Bolivia. This internship benefited me beyond measure both educationally and spiritually. I was able to go to Bolivia for the first six-weeks of the summer and participate in an agricultural development program ran by Samaritan’s Purse. Agricultural development is exactly what I hope to go into after I complete my education. The opportunity to get hands-on experience in my exact area of interest was an incredible blessing.

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