Academic Programs

Students majoring in English may choose between two courses of study:

  • English,
  • English/Secondary Education.

“In a very real sense, people who have read good literature have lived more than people who cannot or will not read . . . it is not true that we have only one life to live; if we can read, we can live as many more lives and as many kinds of lives as we wish.”

S.I. Hayakawa

Studies in English language and literature help students develop communication skills, analytical thinking, and creative imagination. All students at College of the Ozarks benefit from the English department's commitment to the personal and professional growth of its students. Because literature offers numerous representations of human behavior, the natural world, and the spiritual realm, our literature and language courses provide endless opportunities to discuss ideas, analyze causes, anticipate consequences, speculate possibilities, consider recommendations, test theories, and negotiate solutions. Consequently, we believe our English majors are better prepared for the challenges they will encounter in both their professional and personal lives.

English as a Major or Minor

The department offers courses leading to an English major and to minors in both Literature and Rhetoric. The liberal arts curriculum prepares students for a variety of professions, including teaching, law, business management, and publishing. Students wishing to pursue graduate studies after leaving the College will have a strong foundation upon which to build.

Courses in American, British and Western Literature, composition and rhetoric, literary theory, and special topics provide this foundation. Also available are courses designed for prospective teachers: Teaching Composition, Methods of Teaching English, and Multicultural and Adolescent Literature. The program is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and by Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

It is possible for students with special needs and interests, working closely with a faculty member, to design individualized courses or plan interdisciplinary majors.


Dr. Leslie Babcox
Professor of English

Ms. Regina Blake
Assistant Professor of English

Ms. Charity Gibson
Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Hayden Head
Professor of English

Mr. David Scrivner
Assistant Professor of English

Ms. Michelle Weisman
Associate Professor of English

Suggested Order of Study

Suggested Order of Study  
First Semester: 16 hours  
   ENG 103 College Composition I 3
   IDS 101 Orientation 1
   ENA 123/ENW 133 Topics in Literature 3
   PED/MIL 101 Citizenship and Healthy Lifestyles 3
   HST 123 The American Experience 3
   IDS 133 Exploration of the Arts 3
Second Semester: 16 hours  
   SPC 103 Public Speaking 3
   PED/MIL 111 Citizenship and Healthy Lifestyles II 1
   REL 183 Christian Worldview I 3
   IDS 153 The Changing Universe 3
   HST 153/HST 163 Western Civilization Courses 3
   Course in minor field 3
First Semester: 16 hours  
   ENG 203 Foundations of Literary Studies 3
   ENG 223 Intro to Grammar 3
   ENA 213 Survey of American Literature II 3
   GE Elective for Social Sciences 3
   PED Activities course elective 1
   Foreign Language 3
Second Semester: 16 hours  
   ENA 213 Survey of American Literature I 3
   GE Elective for Philosophy/Fine Arts 3
   GE Elective for Laboratory Science 4
   Foreign Language 3
   GE elective for Math 3
First Semester: 15 hours  
   ENG 233 College Comp II 3
   ENB 203 Survey of British Literature I 3
   REL 383 Christian Worldview II 3
   300-400 level English elective 3
   Course in minor field 3
Second Semester: 15 hours  
   ENB 213 Survey of British Literature II 3
   ENG 323 Western Lit I 3
   ENG 323 or 353 Creative Writing 3
   300-400 level English 3
   Course in minor field 3
First Semester: 15 hours  
   300 or 400 level English courses 3
   Course in minor field 3
   IDS 313 GE Capstone. 3
   2 Electives 6
Second Semester: 16 hours  
   ENG 423 History of English Language 3
   ENG 401 Portfolio 1
   Courses in minor field 6
   Electives 6


The Work Program

All full-time students are employed in the College Work Education program, which helps cover the cost of education. Many work assignments reinforce an academic program in English, including positions in the library, radio station, student newspaper, public relations office, Center for Writing and Thinking, and Faculty Services office. In addition, Bonner students often tutor students in local school districts.

Departmental Activities and News

The English department sponsors an annual creative writing contest that is open to all C of 0 students. This competition includes categories in poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and literary criticism

To encourage professional awareness and growth, the department facilitates student participation in local and national conferences and competitions.

Career Opportunities

Graduate Studies

  • Literature,
  • Linguistics,
  • Rhetoric,
  • Law.


  • Middle,
  • Secondary,
  • College,
  • University.


  • Literary writing,
  • Freelance writing,
  • Technical writing,
  • Speech writing,
  • Reviewing.

The Media

  • Screen writing,
  • TV/film production,
  • Book editing,
  • Magazine editing,
  • Freelance editing,
  • Journalism.


  • Advertising,
  • Communications,
  • Business,
  • Civil service,
  • Government,
  • Social work.

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