Campus Crime

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, codified at 20 USC 1092 (f) as a part of the Higher Education Act of 1965, is a federal law that requires colleges and universities to disclose certain timely and annual information about campus crime and security policies. The Department of Education has provided a web site This site provides data from thousands of colleges and universities in a convenient searchable form.

The link directly to the College of the Ozarks information follows: Type in College of the Ozarks under Name of Institution and click on SEARCH.

Sexual Predators

The College is required to provide information about sexual predators in the surrounding area. Below is a link to the Missouri Sex Offender Registry. This web site provides a list of Sex Offenders by name, county, or zip code.

Crime Reporting

Any individual on the College of the Ozarks campus who is a victim of or observes any criminal activity should report the incident immediately. Call the campus switchboard (dial 0) and ask the operator to send a Security Officer to the location.  Be sure to tell the operator the nature of the problem, the location and any other information that would help the officers.  It is also a good idea to give the operator a call back number.  The operator will then dispatch an officer and the situation will be taken care of.  The officer will most likely do a written report and will need more information at the scene.

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